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In This Online Workshop, I'll Help You Get What You Want. The Confidence, The Money, The Business Growth, The Fitness.

Discover How To Kick Butt In The Most Important Areas of Your Life

Here Are All Of The Lessons You Get Access To Today:

Are You Ready To Level Up?

This course is for you if you are a driven man and you want that inner fire back.

You want to kick butt in all the areas important to men.

  • Being Confident.
  • Operating From A State Of Power.
  • Attracting Wealth & Making Money.
  • Growing/Starting Your Business.
  • Being Fit & In Incredible Shape
  • Having A Mission & Compelling Future, Something To Be Excited About Every Day.
  • Feeling Good About Your Life & Actions
  • Killing Procrastination & Allowing Yourself To Take MASSIVE ACTION
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Let Me Be Frank - I Do Not Have All The Answers..

BUT I HAVE been able to create a life I love living.

I HAVE been able to DECIDE what is important to me and I FOCUS on that with all my power.

Some of the things that happened in the process:

  • I've become a Financially Independent
  • I've created a lifestyle business that is 100% location-independent and works for me 24/7.
  • I traveled the world, invested in real estate & other opportunities.
  • I only work when I want to work and I do work I enjoy - I'm my own boss.
  • I live life on my terms, every day.
  • I'm in incredible shape at age 42 - strong, ripped & ready to take on any challenge..

And Most Importantly:

  • I love my life and my family - I have a lot of free time to focus on what is important to me.
  • I feel confident, and driven & have absolute Clarity on who I am, what I want, and how to get there.

In this training, I will teach you how I did it and everything that is working for me.
I'm not a guru, I can only offer you to be a guide and to show you everything that is working for me to create Confidence, Wealth, Business Success, Fitness & a life worth living.

There are no SECRETS!

In fact, I give you the formula right now:


DECIDE Who You Are.
DECIDE Who You Want To Be.
DECIDE What You Stand For.
DECIDE What's Truly Important To You.

This Will Give You CLARITY and Clarity is POWER.

Then, you COMMIT

You Commit To BEING The Person You Want To Be.
You Commit To Taking The Actions Required That Lead To The Life You Want.
You Commit To Your Values, To Your Stand & To What Is Truly Important To You.

And then, you FOLLOW THROUGH On Your Decisions & Commitments.

This Process will get you to TAKE ACTION.
This Process will help you find your CONFIDENCE.
This Process will help you FOLLOW THROUGH!

With Clarity, Confidence & Execution, you are ready to attract Wealth, get into incredible shape & build a life worth living.

As men, we need clarity on who we are and what we want, we need to be fully committed and we need to follow through.

If we can do that, we are unstoppable.

In this workshop, I'll show you my process, step by step.

The exact process that helped me to build a lifestyle business, become a millionaire, to be in incredible shape, and love my life.

Here Are ALL The Lessons You Get Access To Today!

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Quick Summary Of What's Included:

  • How To Develop Confidence
  • How To Get Yourself To Work Out & Be In Fantastic Shape
  • How To Massively Increase Your Sense Of Well-Being
  • Becoming CLEAR On Who You Are & What You Truly Want
  • Committing To Your Goals, Vision & Future Self
  • How To Operate From A State Of Power
  • How To Create A Life You Enjoy Living
  • How To Live Life On Your Terms
  • How To Attain A Bullet Proof Mindset

Come On Board Now & Create The Life You Want.
Money, Business Success, Fitness, Purpose!

About Mario:

I'm passionate about my family, fitness, and living life on my terms.
I'm enjoy Personal Development, Health Optimization, Entrepreneurship & I like listening to Reggaeton :)

I love having a true Lifestyle Business that is location-independent & 100% flexible.

I made it my Mission to help other men kick butt in life. That's why I created 'Forging Legends', empowering driven men to level up massively in the areas of Business, Fitness, Purpose and Mindset.

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