"Local Media Agency Case Study. Landing Pages, Leads, Ads, All Plug-Ins, ChatGPT, 1st Page Rankings & More."
Real-World Look Behind The Scenes

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No Hype - No Fancy Launch - No Fluff

2 months ago I started a 'Local Media Agency' and in this Case Study I'll show you step by step how I did it.

As of right now, the main Website is already ranking on the first page of Google for all the keywords we are targeting.

We are generating leads every single day - in fact, as of this moment, our Lead-Capture-Form is converting at 30%.

The content on the main Website is HIGHLY SEO optimized, the Website is fast and secure, and we did ZERO Coding - it's all based on WordPress.

Businesses already reach out to us daily, asking to promote them.

How did we get this up and running so fast, and how can you do the same?

In this Case Study, I'm showing you every single app we used, the exact Worpress Themes, our Chat GPT prompts, and how we optimize for SEO rankings.

You will also see our EXACT Ads, our Lead Capture Page, and so much more behind-the-scenes material.

You can try to figure this all out on your own, by trial and error, or you just invest in this Case Study and get all the info, resources, examples, apps, and resources on a silver platter.

If you are into Local Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO, or getting clients as an Agency, this is for you.

I'm not going to hard sell on this; that's why this 'Sales Page' is crazy short.

=> You either see the value, or you do not.

If you like actionable content, including REAL examples of REAL campaigns someone successfully uses, this is for you.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a How-To Course. This is a Case-Study. Meaning, I'll show you my ads, my landing pages, my conversions, my best apps, my website, my articles, my headlines, my emails, and so forth so that you can see exactly what is working right now.

I'm NOT teaching you how to create ads step by step, how to use Neuronwriter as a user etc., there are online tutorials available for that, for free.

Here's Some Of What Is Covered

Lead Generation

The Exact Landing Page & Give-Away I'm Using To Get a 30% Conversion Rate + How We Created Everything Without Coding

Every Single Wordrpess Plug-In

Every Plug-In We Use & Tested For Security, SEO, Website Speed, Lead Generation & More.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The Exact Facebook & Instagram Ads We Are Running To Build Our Audience & To Attract Leads 24/7

Funnel & Email Marketing

The Exact Simple Funnel We Created + Our Email Marketing Follow Up Including The Actual Emails We Are Sending

Website & WordPress Themes

The Exact Theme We Bought + How We Optimize Our Website For SEO & How We Keep Our Website Secure

Monetization + Business Directory

The Exact Business Directory Theme We Use Plus How To Monetize Your Local Media Agency The Fastest Way Possible

There you have it.

You can be up and running with your own Local Media Agency + Business Directory within the next 2-3 days.

Or you can use the strategies I share to generate leads & clients for your existing Agency.

Most marketers just teach theory and they leave it to you to figure things out.

In this case study, you get to see the actual Ads, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Conversion Rates, and Websites we use to generate Leads and Clients.

This is as real-world as it gets.

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Important - There Are No Refunds As We Are Sharing Our Actual Marketing Material & Campaigns

Also, This is a Case-Study, Not a How-To Program.